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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soap-n-Scent (fundraising products)

Updates: Sold out. Cheerholic no longer have this product in stock.

Note: All products in this post are available for fundraising. To recap from our previous post, anybody who is interested in collaborating with us for your fundraising campaign (schools, organization, events alike), we welcome you to contact us for more details! =)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Still thinking about what to get for that special someone? =)

Awwhh.. come on, V-day is not just about your bf/gf, it's also a day to show your lurrrrve to your siblings, BFFs (best friend forever :D), mom, dad and people who mean a great deal to you!! =)

Fancy restaurants and the old-fashioned flower bouquet are overrated as most of the prices will be hiked up for the occasion.

So why not get your loved ones something they can indulge in and yet is friendly on your pockets? Cheerholic has teamed up with Beauty Soap & Scent to bring you their latest products in-conjunction with Valentine's Day to help ease your worries on gift-buying! =)


These beautiful, awesome smelling soaps come from Chiang Mai, Thailand and are REALLY handmade (handmixed, handmolded, handcut and even handpacked!) and use only NATURAL ingredients. PLUS, they are all packaged into very, very pretty boxes and bags! (Great as gifts for those who like things that LOOK and SMELL nice :D)

Some of you may ask... WHY USE NATURAL HANDMADE SOAP?

I give you...

...and, the products... =)

1) Heart Soap in Organza Bag

It's cute, smells really good, and comes in a cute bag. What's not to like about it? =p

Price: RM8
Cheerholic Selling Price For Fundraising (Minimum bulk order of 50pcs): RM5.60
Scents Available: red jasmine rice, lavender, mangosteen, lemongrass

2) Couple Heart Soap in Organza Bag

Good things come in pairs :)

Cheerholic Selling Price for Fundraising (Minimum bulk order of 30pcs): RM10.50
Scents Available: red jasmine rice, lavender, mangosteen, lemongrass ((choose any combination you prefer! :D)

3) Fancy Orange Soap

This gem here is also launched in conjunction with CNY
(You can give it to the hosts or guests during CNY visiting instead of the conventional mandarin oranges! :)) Has a zesty, pick-me-up, fresh orange scent, smells just as good as it looks! My personal favourite :)

Price: RM18
Cheerholic Selling Price for Fundraising (Minimum bulk order of 30pcs): RM12.60
Scents Available: Refreshing Orange

4) Large Heart Soap in Thai Silk Box

Comes in a beautiful Thai Silk Box.

A thoughtful yet romantic gift for the one who loves to indulge or the one who deserves indulgence :)

Price: RM28
Cheerholic Selling Price for Fundraising (Minimum bulk order of 30pcs): RM19.60
Scents Available:red jasmine rice, lavender, mangosteen, sandalwood, sesame scrub

Here's a little more info to help you decide on which scent would be perfect for you... =)
Red Jasmine Rice
Thai red jasmine rice helps scrub and remove dead skin cells for radiant and glowing skin while nourishing your body with vitamins and nutrients.

This classic essential oil soothes headaches and aids in sleep and relaxation. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal acne, burns and wounds.

Pamper your body with mangosteen extract soap while the rich lather helps make your skin smooth and soft. Mangosteens are known for containing powerful antioxidants for a healthier body.

Sesame Scrub
A mild sesame scrub bar with a cooling essential oil blend, great for all skin types. Sesame oil helps in eczema, psoriasis and prematurely aging skin, keeping skin supple and soft.

A tropical grass, lemongrass helps tone your skin and has a sweet lemony scent to stimulate your senses while relieving your stress. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties also helps reduces acne and body odour.

With its sweet, woody and warm aroma, sandalwood helps promote restful sleep. It soothes and smoothes your skin and is especially good for dry and aging skin.

Yup, and there's still more to come in our next post cause we are going to spoil you with even more gift choices for Valentine's Day! =)

*love is in the air..whoo~* *dances happily*

Next up: Couple Keychains & Cuddly Bears. So stay tuned!

love y'all,
The Cheer Addict