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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shifting to Facebook

Dear readers,

We are sorry to inform you we will no longer be updating this Cheerholic blog but not to worry as we will be operating from our brand new Facebook page! :) Cheerholic is now a brand of Cheer Aspirations, a newly formed cheerleading company that provides all you cheerleaders with the best in coaching, attire, merchandise, equipment, props, music editing, choreography, corporate performances and cheerleading events! ;D So all our Cheerholic updates can be seen at our company's Facebook page! :) Do check it out and recommend it to all your friends to LIKE! It will be happening, trust us! :p


Loads of catalogs coming soon with the latest in pompons, merchandise, attire, shoes, equipment and more! :)

Lotsa love and signing off for the last time,

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dear all,

Exciting news!! Cheerholic thank you all readers and shoppers for shopping here with us and wants to give you all a treat. We are having a year end SALE!!

Below are the items going on sale and all are going on 30% discount!! :D

Superstar Keychain
Original price for one: RM10
Price After discount: RM7

Original price for team purchase of minimum 12pcs: RM8.50 each
Price After discount: RM6 each

Towels (Colors: baby pink/creamy yellow/ mint green/baby blue)
Original price: RM16
Price After discount: RM12

Original price for team purchase of minimum 12pcs: RM 13.50 each
Price After discount: RM10 each

Foldable gym bags (Colors: blue or orange)
Original price: RM45
Price After discount: RM32

Original price for team purchase of minimum 12pcs: RM 38 each
Price After discount: RM27 each

Plus, for EVERY foldable gym bag purchase,we are giving away ONE SUPERSTAR KEYCHAIN worth RM10, FOR FREE*! :D
*All while stocks last.

So hurry up! Get them while their still here :D

The cheer addicts

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nike Women's Cheer Shoe- Back by popular demand!

Dear Peeps!!

Updates: Sold out. Cheerholic no longer have this product in stock.

Nike Stamina Cheer Shoes are back by popular demand!

These comfy babies are a gem for competition mats, indoor and outdoor training.

Very durable yet stylish, the slim design of the shoes are meant for bases to grip the flyers better during stunts, with a very neat finger groove at the heel of the shoe base.

Also comes in a few colours!

Price: RM200

Team Discount: 5% off each pair of shoes if team purchases a minimum of 12 pairs.

Available in four colours: Grey, Blue, Red and Black
Til Then,
The Cheer Addict

Thursday, May 13, 2010

National Youth Day

Dear all,
This is an announcement post :)

National Youth Day falls on May 15 and a big celebration has been planned in Putrajaya on that weekend.

CHARM will be co-organising a cheerleading competition with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Rakan Muda. The event is supported by the Ministry of Education.

The half-day competition will be held on the morning of May 15.
Time: 10am to 2pm
Venue: Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the Education Minister, will be officiating the event.

Team Malaysia will be performing later in the evening for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Competition format will be full routine, single sex teams only, where team size is 12 to 16 pax. The CHARM school rules will apply for this competition.

CHARM will be providing more details, forms, etc. soon. Keep checking out the group wall for updates.

Also, don't forget that the CHARM Cheerleading Championships and 1st ever SEA competition will be held at 1 Utama on May 29 & 30, 2010.

E-mail charmcheerleading@gmail.com for the rules and more details.

til then,
The Cheer Addict

Superstar Keychain

Dear All,

Superstar keychains

Price: RM10

This is also a fundraising product, the keychains will be sold to teams/school/institutions or anybody who wants to do fundraising at AGENT'S PRICE (30% off). Interested teams who wants to raise funds just get in contact with us via email at cheerholic.is@gmail.com :)

The Cheer Addict

Eat Sleep Cheer Drinking Bottles (silver)

Yes, we do have silver colour too :)
Comes in a free polyester bottle bag, with 2 different caps!

Metal bottle with polyester bag


til then peeps :D
The Cheer Addict

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat Sleep Cheer Drinking Bottles

Dear All,

Latest Product- Drinking bottles!!

super cute details... Eat Sleep Cheer (yup, we are THAT hardcore :D)

Material: -Metal bottle with plastic caps (comes in two different caps)
-Polyester drawstring bottle bag

Colours: Black, Red and Blue

Price: RM25

Yup, something we all need to quench our thirst during practice, cute yet durable enough to carry around :)
Get them before they are gone!

til then,
The Cheer Addict

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pom Poms: Price Update

Updates: Dear all, there's a slight change in the poms pricing due to a slight miscalculation as we were unaware about custom sales tax charges. We are deeply sorry about this and for all the inconvenience caused. :( :(
Worried that paper pompons become limp and torn after all the pulling, shaking and swishing from your Cheer routine?

Sick of staining your hands (because it's sweaty from cheering...yes, we work hard:D) with dye that runs from your crepe paper pompons (which might stain your attire too)?

Frustrated by having to make the paper poms all over again (when it's limp and worn), when you could be using the time to perfect your routine?

Fret no more, cause the Cheerholic team is here to your rescue! *does a Superman* We present to you...*Drum Roll*

Durable, waterproof and brightly coloured POMPONS!!

Pom Material Choices

We have 4 types of materials for you to choose from:
*Click on pictures for enlarged versions

Metallic / Holographic Pom Catalog

1. Orange/Silver

2. Holographic Silver

3. Silver

4. Light Blue/Silver

5. Holographic Gold

6. Royal Blue

7. Silver/Red/Navy

8. Lazer Grey

9. Red

10. Gold/Black

11. Dark Green

12. Purple

13. Purple/Holo Silver

14. Light Green

15. Gold

16. Red/Holo Silver

17. Navy

18. Black

19. Royal Blue/Holo Silver

20. Pink

21. Orange

22. Purple/Silver

23. Teal

24. Light Blue

25. Dark Green/Holo Gold

26. Rose Pink

27. Maroon

Plastic Pom Catalog

1. Pink

2. Light Blue/White

3. Dark Green

4. White/Pink

5. Grey

6. White/Blue/Royal

7. Light Green

8. White/Royal/Grey

9. Navy

10. Red/White

11. Black

12. Yellow/White/Royal

13. White/Navy/Red

14. Orange

15. Yellow/Light Green

16. Pink/Black

17. Yellow

18. Purple

19. Red/Black

20. Red

21. Royal

22. Royal/White

23. White

24. Light Blue

25. White/Black

Wet Look Pom Catalog

1. Navy

2. Light Blue

3. Purple

4. Orange

5. Pink

6. Black

7. Yellow

8. Red

9. Maroon

10. Royal

11. Dark Green

12. White

13. Light Green

Metallic Mixed Wet look / Plastic Pom Catalog

1. Wet look Royal/ Holographic Gold

2. Plastic Red/Metallic Black

3. Wet look Red/ Holographic Silver

4. Plastic Yellow/Metallic Green

5. Wet look Red/ Holographic Gold

6. Plastic Light Green, Plastic Yellow/Holographic Gold

7. Plastic Purple/ Metallic Gold

8. Plastic Yellow/Metallic Black

9. Wet look Purple/ Metallic Gold

10. Plastic Gold/Metallic Black

11. Wet look Pink/Holographic Silver

12. Plastic Purple/Metallic Gold

13. Wet look Pink/Holographic Gold

14. Plastic Purple/Metallic Gold

15. Plastic Red/Silver

16. Wet look Royal/Silver

Any amount of colours and any colour combinations are available at no extra charge! *Steal* :)

Pom Style Choices

From left to Right:

Solid, 2 colous, 3 colours, Bullseye, Target, Half & Half

Pom Handle Choices

3 types of handles available! :)

Loop handle: Great for bullseye, target and half & half styles. Recommended for pompons 6" or longer. Handle is visible and easy to find.

Elastic dowel handle: Great pompon for kids. The strap stays around wrist and the handle is easy to find.

Baton handle: A popular handle choice. Produces a pompon with a round and ball-like appearance. Handle is hidden. Recommended for pom dance routines.

Pom Pricing

Pricing is PER PIECE and for a single pompon with 1000 strands. Strands have width of 0.75 inches and handles are baton handles.

Click on picture to enlarge Price List

Important Information

Minimum order is 10 pieces (5 pairs). Must be of same colour and material. Additional RM3.50 per pc if order by individual colours.
Discounts for large orders! :)
Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks from placement of order.

till next! ;)
the cheer addict