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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Raise it!!

Hey All,

It's the start of 2010!! Woohoo! Happy new year y'all! *excited cheerleader hopping*=p

A new year means a whole new cheerleading season! Which ALSO means a new training program, new members, new outfits, new shoes and probably new equipment and new props for the new year's performances!

So what do all these mean?
It means........ More FUNDS (MOOLAH) are needed whenever a new cheer season resumes!=(

Cheerleading in Malaysia is often misunderstood and regarded as a "sukan orang kaya" (Rich man's sport in Bahasa Malaysia) because everything from outfits to shoes, safety equipment to props are costly. Sadly, many cheerleaders have to go through lots of difficulties trying to convince their parents to let them participate in cheerleading and also to pay for its many expenses!

IMHO, I think that cheerleaders are athletes who work darn hard yet receive less credit than they deserve (Plus being called bimbo despite all the hard work is just not cool!). Apart from that, having to pay for everything that I've mentioned above can be quite a burden when a cheerleader has to do it all on her/his own! =(

Okaay.. before all the cheer shoemakers and outfit tailors bash me up for this... I am not ACCUSING the fees of being expensive nor am I taking the cheerleaders' side that they shouldn't be paying. Instead, I'm actually saying that all these fees SHOULD be paid but they should be worth the athlete's money too.. For example...
  • Outfits - Cheer outfits/Uniforms need to be extra durable, comfy, stretchable, PRETTY/MACHO (This wan of cos laa..=p) and high quality for all the wear and tear during trainings and performances... So they don't wear and tear easily laa.. =) You wouldn't wanna have a "Janet Jackson Superbowl" moment would you? =p
  • Shoes - Proper shoes with good ankle and sole support so that they protect your feet and your teammates when you stunt on them. DUH.
  • Coaching Fees - Qualified coaches are essential so that there are proper training programs and a wealth of experience and knowledge to teach the teams AWESOME skills and techniques CORRECTLY and SAFELY! =)
Yep.. and shoemakers, tailors, coaches and the like need to eat too, so pay up puh-leese.. =)

You readers must be thinking "Okay now what? Cannot don't pay, but pay all very expensive... How now brown cow??"
What I'm trying to say is, or rather, I'd like to debunk the MYTH that cheerleading is an expensive sport! It is not, REALLY! *wide eyes* =)
C'mon, I think sports like ice skating and ballet are even more expensive! Every sport needs appropriate sports attire, shoes, equipment and coaches fees! Plus, cheerleading is all about supporting and raising the school spirit and cheerleaders being the role models of the school by giving back to the community. In fact, instead of only using your own pocket money/plain asking for money from your parents to fund your cheerleading needs, cheerleaders are supposed to be self-sufficient in raising funds TOGETHER as a team.

Yes, and the key word here is FUNDRAISING. And that's precisely the main point of this whole long-winded post (So sue me!=p). Fundraising can be a really fun thing to do together if the WHOLE TEAM work together AS ONE! =)

Fundraising isn't such a difficult task when it is broken down into small parts and worked out together. Here, we cheer addicts have devised a simple step-by-step plan to on how to fundraise for your team! =)
  1. BRAINSTORM - Get creative, communicate with your teammates and come up with a few ideas on HOW to fundraise (eg. cookie sale, 2nd hand book sale, auctions, flea market, car wash etc)
  2. SELECT - Discuss and agree on ONE, most profitable and reasonable idea, then everyone chips in or contributes to make that idea work~ Do remember that executing tooooo many ideas at one time would just make things complicated!!
  3. PARENTAL SUPPORT - Get your parents involved because they can be a very big help. Let them know how much you want this and how hard you and your team members would work for it. Parents would appreciate it greatly if the kids (Well...Like it or not, we will always be their kid, no matter how "grown up" we think we are :D) keep them informed of what they do outside of home.
  4. TIMING - Be an opportunist. Take advantage of the school calendar (eg. school festivals, Teacher's Day, Co-curriculum Day and carnivals) to make a buzz and promote your fundraising drive. Which then includes....
  5. RESEARCH - Take note of the school calendar, festivals and special occasions. And find out about how to execute your selected idea by looking it up on the Internet. ( eg. if you are doing a Bake Sale, try looking for past examples you can refer to online) But also...
  6. BE PRACTICAL - Select a product that is well-liked in general, not something you like personally. Jangan syok sendiri, hati-hati nanti rugi. ....And don't forget about...
  7. DOCUMENTATION - Record every single incoming (got such a word ar?=p) and outgoing monies for your fundraising. Guard it with your life!!! It's funds for good quality shoes, outfits, equipment and coaching fees!!!.... last but not least...
  8. BE PERSISTENT AND NEVER GIVE UP - Every single member in the team must have ONE similar GOAL for that AWESOME fundraising IDEA. Be gung-ho, be excited, and don't be shy about asking ppl to SUPPORT you! =)

I hope this post might give you a little idea on how to fundraise for your team. In fact, the Cheerholic team are also in the spirit to encourage and help teams fundraise! =)

For the next few posts, the Cheerholic team has even come up with some AWESOME new products in conjunction with Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year and any other event or festival you think is fitting. We welcome teams or individuals to come forward to us if you are interested in selling our products for your fundraising campaign. Further information regarding the products will be in the next post, so do stay tuned!!=))

lotsa love,
the cheer addicts