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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shifting to Facebook

Dear readers,

We are sorry to inform you we will no longer be updating this Cheerholic blog but not to worry as we will be operating from our brand new Facebook page! :) Cheerholic is now a brand of Cheer Aspirations, a newly formed cheerleading company that provides all you cheerleaders with the best in coaching, attire, merchandise, equipment, props, music editing, choreography, corporate performances and cheerleading events! ;D So all our Cheerholic updates can be seen at our company's Facebook page! :) Do check it out and recommend it to all your friends to LIKE! It will be happening, trust us! :p


Loads of catalogs coming soon with the latest in pompons, merchandise, attire, shoes, equipment and more! :)

Lotsa love and signing off for the last time,