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Monday, December 7, 2009

First Intro

Dear All,

Firstly, thank you for being here, your presence is highly appreciated. :D
We hope to dedicate this blog to all cheerleaders, cheer enthusiasts, and “semua lapisan masyarakat” (young, old, boy, girl, men or women- just bring it!) who are keen or even just a bit curious about Cheerleading in Malaysia.

Okay, *ahem* We shall give a very very (VERY, I promise) brief intro about who we are.

We, the blog authors, are a group of cheerleaders who fell in love with the sport (YES, we INSIST that this is a sport!) since high school and never fell out of it until this very day.

Even though we are getting pretty old and stiff (haha! =p), we are passionate about the sport and its development in Malaysia.

Although it is a growing sport and co-curricular activity in Malaysia, we figured that cheerleading merchandise is scarce and almost impossible to find.

u can’t get them at roadside stalls unlike Pisang Goreng (fried banana fritters)

u can’t get them at hypermarkets or departmental stores…

.. and this is out of the question.

So the authors got together one day, brainstormed and figured… “Hey, why not we provide them instead?”

HENCE, Cheerholic was born!!

Plus, we’ve got loads of energy and love for the sport that we’ve decided to dedicate them all here. We will update with news and events regarding the cheerleading community, along with awesome videos, cheer tips and fun facts about cheerleading.

Hope u all have fun and thanks for reading our 1st post.

Stay tuned for more!